Exhibition: Torre de Babel. Historia y Mito, Museo Arqueológico de Murcia

9th December 2010 – 20th March 2011

Organized by the Consejería de Cultura y Turismo de la Región de Murcia, this exhibition presents several pieces concerning the Tower of Babel, one of the biblical themes that most inspired the imagination throughout the centuries. It is not surprising that this theme has so much relevance to understand the reception of the Mesopotamian and Babylonian civilization over the ages. Among the pieces now available at Murcia, we can observe some of the glazed brick panels representing a lion and a dragon that once stood in the famous “Gate of Ishtar”, in the city of Babylon. Moreover, clay bricks and tablets, statuary and other items, some of them belonging to the Vorderasiatisches Museum (Berlin).

Besides the exhibition, there will take place a conference between the 14th and 17th of March 2011, with the title Babilonia. Historia y Mito:

Monday, 14th of March
19h00: Alejandro Magno y Babilonia.
Victor Alonso Troncoso (Universidad de A Coruña)

20h00: Precipicio de soberbios y cima de sabios. El Mito de Babel en el arte.
Juan Manuel Monterroso Montero (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)

Tuesday, 15th March

19h00: Medicina y Magia en Babilonia
Barbara Böck (CSIC, Madrid)

20h00: Educación y Ciencia en Babilonia
Ignacio Marquez Rowe (CSIC, Madrid)

Wednesday, 16th of March

19h00: Babilonia, de Koldewey a la actualidad.*
Joachin Marzahn (Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin)

20h00: La ciudad de Babilonia: historia y mito.*
Jean-Claude Margueron (EPHE, Paris)

Thursday, 17th of March

19h00: Los jardines colgantes de Babilonia y el simbolismo del jardín en Oriente.
Gonzalo Matilla Séiquer (Universidad de Murcia)

20h00: Etemenanki versus torre de Babel: historia y mito.
Juan Luís Montero Fenollós (Universidad de A Coruña)

*With simultaneous translation from German and French.

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