Res Antiquitatis volume 2 (2011) is now available

Res Antiquitatis. Journal of Ancient History continues to incentive and to publish research works on Antiquity and its reception. The publication of quality articles, the internationalization of Portuguese research and the creation of opportunities to divulge the work of senior and young researchers are still its priorities. Volume nº 1 had a very significant diffusion and received excellent reactions and compliments from Portuguese and foreign researchers. This stimulates us to proceed with this project and our effort of placing this journal among internationally recognized reference periodicals.

In the present volume, nº 2, in the Studies’ section, there are two research areas that deserve to be mentioned: the first one is Egypt, which received special attention and is object of various studies comprised in a very wide chronological range. The second is dedicated to the reception of Antiquity, that was object of some of the communications presented at an international conference organized by CHAM at Fundação Oriente (Lisbon, 9th-10th of March 2009) entitled «Percepções do Oriente e da antiguidade na Europa da Época Moderna» («Perceptions of the Orient and Antiquity in Modern Age Europe») The Short Notes’ section is integrally dedicated to archaeological studies centered mainly in the area of the Halabiya-Zalabiya gorge. Many of its authors whether coordinate or participate on archaeological missions in this region and adjacent areas. Res Antiquitatis intends to become a forum where syntheses about the works taking place in these archaeological sites can be published annually, respecting some geographical coherence though not excluding other incoming contributions. In this issue we would like to highlight the presence of a short note about the Middle Euphrates signed by the participants of the IVe rencontre syro-franco-ibérique d’archéologie et d’histoire ancienne duProche-Orient which took place at Madrid in 2009. This note’s intention is to propose a proper definition of the concept of Middle Euphrates, which has been subject of certain ambiguities in historiography.

One of the most relevant texts in this volume of Res Antiquitatis is the interview made to Jean-Claude Margueron, the great archaeologist who excavated in Syria for decades: he directed for 25 years the archaeological mission of Mari, the ancient city on the Euphrates. This interview was made at Murcia (Spain) in March 2011, seizing the opportunity opened by his participation in the cycle of conferences concerning the exhibition Torre de Babel. Historia y Mito, which took place in the Museo Arqueológico de Murcia. This is a great interview that results in an impressive testimony of his intellectual life and of his intense archeological activity.

 The very positive impact of this journal’s first volume, that we hope to achieve continually, makes us believe that this project has a future.

Francisco Caramelo


Table of Contents with abstracts available for download


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