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ResAntiq 1 (2010)

Editor’s announcement – pp. 7-8


Filipa Lowndes VICENTE: “Orientalism in the Margins: the interest in Indian Antiquity in nineteenth century Italy”, pp. 11-38 (Abstract)

Jordi VIDAL: “Bonaventura Ubach. In Search of the Biblical Landscapes”, pp. 39-54 (Abstract)

Pablo MARTÍN ASUERO: “Remains of the past in Lebanon and Damascus in Spanish texts from the 19th century”, pp. 55-82 (Abstract)

Luís Manuel de ARAÚJO: “ Eça de Queirós en Egypte”, pp. 83-106 (Abstract)

Benoît LURSON: “Remarques sur les modifications apportées aux inscriptions dans la salle N du temple de Ouadi es-Seboua – pp. 107-134 (Abstract) 

David Hamidović : “Une nouvelle version du sacrifice d’Isaac découverte dans les manuscrits de Qumrân”, pp. 135-154 (Abstract)

Marcelo REDE : “Les vendeurs et la vente de biens immeubles en Babylonie Ancienne”, pp. 155-180 (Abstract)

Paola M. ROSSI: “Forest of desires and desire of forests: a way to the Buddhist ethics”, pp. 181-216 (Abstract)

Interview António Augusto Tavares, pp. 217-232

Short Notes : Juan Luís MONTERO FENOLLÓS : “Le « Projet Archéologique Moyen Euphrate Syrien ». Esquisse sur quatre ans de travaux de recherche (2005-2008)”, pp. 233-245

Reviews: pp. 245-286

ResAntiq 2 (2011)

Editorial – pp. 9-10


Stanislava Vavroušková: “Perception of India in the Heart of Europe. Transition Through Centuries” – pp. 13-29 (Abstract)

Juan Luis MONTERO FENOLLÓS: “The Tower of Babel Before Archaeology. The Ziggurat of Babylon according to European travellers (XII-XVII centuries)”- pp. 31-49 (Abstract)

Rui Manuel LOUREIRO: “The Indian Journeys of a Spanish Ambassador: Don García de Silva y Figueroa and his Comentarios (1614-1624)” – pp. 51-69 (Abstract)

Susana MOTA: “The Household Religion in Ancient Egypt: Problems and Constraints” – pp. 71-81 (Abstract)

Telo Ferreira CANHÃO: “Eroticism and Sensuality in Papyrus Westcar” – pp. 83-101 (Abstract)

Ronaldo G. Gurgel PEREIRA: “Greek Nomos and Egyptian Religion: Cultural Identity in Hellenistic Egypt” – pp. 103-131 (Abstract)

José das Candeias SALES: “La monnaie des Ptolémées – Les séries de Ptolémée I” – pp. 133-147 (Abstract)

Elias PINHEIRO: “The Sintashta Cultural Particulars and the Origin of the War Chariot” – pp. 149-168 (Abstract)

Interview: Jean-Claude Margueron (conducted by Francisco Caramelo and Juan Luis Montero Fenollós) – pp. 171-199

Short Notes

M. al-MAQDISSI,  P. BUTTERLIN, F. CARAMELO, I. MÁRQUEZ ROWE, Jean-Claude MARGUERON, Juan Luis MONTERO FENOLLÓS, B. MULLER: “Définition du Moyen Euphrate”– pp. 203-204

Juan Luis MONTERO FENOLLÓS: “Le site urukéen de Tell Humeida au Moyen Euphrate syrien. Premières recherches archéologiques” – pp. 206-216

Juan-Luis MONTERO FENOLLÓS; Francisco CARAMELO; Ignacio MÁRQUEZ ROWE: “Le site de Tell Qabr Abu al-‘Atiq, le royaume de Mari, l’Assyrie et le verrou de Khanuqa. Projet Archéologique Moyen Euphrate Syrien (2008-2010)”– pp. 217-228

Sylvie BLÉTRY: “La campagne 2010 de la mission archéologique franco-syrienne à Halabiya-Zénobia” – pp. 229-258

Emma LOOSLEY: “The Citadel of Zalabiyeh on the Euphrates: Placing the Site in its Historical Context and a Summary of the First Archaeological Field Season (2010)” – pp. 259-268

Yaarob ABDULLAH: “The Works of the Syrian Mission in the Byzantine City (Tell Al Kasra) in Five Seasons (2006–2010)” – pp. 269-285


André de Campos SILVA: review of Toby WILKINSON, The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt: The History of a Civilisation from 3000 BC to Cleopatra, 2010 (book review) – pp. 289-294

Miguel VALÉRIO: review of Aline TENU, L’expansion médio-assyrienne. Approche archéologique, 2009 (book review) – pp. 295-301

Katia M. P. POZZER: review of Brigitte LION; Cécile MICHEL (eds.): Histoires de déchiffrements. Les écritures du Proche-Orient à l’Egée, 2009 (book review) – pp. 303-304

Marcel L. P. MONTE: review of The State Archives of Assyria Online (website review) – pp. 305-310

Paula VEIGA: review of The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (web review) – pp. 311-319

Isabel ALMEIDA; Luís DUQUE; Maria de Fátima ROSA: review of Torre de Babel – Historia y Mito. Museo Arqueológico de Murcia (Spain), 9th December 2010 – 20th March 2011 (exhibition) – pp. 321-327